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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - User Guide for Office 365

Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Pre-migration Activities Section 3. User Provisioning Section 4. Email Repliability Section 5. Migrating Mail Files Section 6. Rooms and Resources Database Migration Section 7. Mail-in Database Migration Section 8. Setting Migration Status Section 9. Access and Delegation Migration Section 10. All Accounts Section 11. Customer Status Reports Section 12. Logs Appendix A: Staging Replicas Appendix B: Pre-Migration Troubleshooting Appendix C: Work with Files (Import/Export) Appendix D: Item Processing Results Appendix E: Migration Result Statuses Appendix F: Recovery Process Appendix G: Automatic Migration Restart Appendix H: Folder Processing Order Third Party Components

Appendix A: Reduced RBAC model for O365 Migrations

This section outlines the minimal requirements for provisioning mailboxes in O365 and performing migration activities in the HCL Domino environment based on the security policies that exclude provisioning of a Global Admin account. Environmental issues could require adjustments to these rights and should always be validated by testing pilot migrations.

The minimum requirements listed below have not undergone formal QA testing. Adjustments might be required for your environment.

O365 Accounts Roles Requirements

  • Account for Running Provisioning and Match

    • O365 Roles

      • Exchange Administrator Role

      • User Management Role

    • Actions required for this role:

      • Enable the O365 Mailbox

      • Set Full Access Account for the accounts being migrated

      • Perform a match of the accounts being migrated

      • Perform MEU validation

  • Migration workstation accounts -

    • Need to be listed in the security group that will be applied to the mailboxes being migrated

    • Need to be a mailbox-enabled user in the O365 tenant

Worker migration accounts do not require Administrator Roles

Lotus Notes Accounts

  • Migration accounts created in the customer environment

    • Editor rights to the Domino Directory with the ‘User Modifier’ role; this will be used for the following actions:

      • Import users

      • Perform Routing Flips

    • Manager rights to all HCL Notes mailboxes being migrated; the following actions require rights:

      • Audit the mail files

      • Send COMM’s for decrypt and contact sync (when they need to be deposited directory in the mail file)

      • Create staging replicas

      • Replica Audit

      • Contact and group fix

      • If using Rich COEX, update the BTCache Database on the BT Notes Integration server

      • Sync Read/unread marks

      • Set Reader access


Manager ACL access does not require the Delete documents right


  • Rights to issue Domino server commands on mail servers

    • Issue a command to initiate a PUSH replication command for individual databases.

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