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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - Requirements

AD Built-in Groups Handling

Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory automatically ignores certain AD built-in groups during sync. The definition of which built-in groups to ignore is held in the database table DirSync_GroupsToIgnore_PK. This table is created and populated during the install process of Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory and is not configurable from the product UI. This list of groups can be modified only with direct access and permissions to SQL. When Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory performs a sync, any group encountered that matches with a group named in the DirSync_GroupsToIgnore_PK table is skipped and not entered into the database. This built-in group handling functionality is separate from the blacklisting functionality for groups which can be configured by an operator through the product UI, so when ignored these built-in groups are not considered to be ‘blacklisted’.

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