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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - Release Notes

Overrides Advanced Settings

An override is used to transform data as it is migrated from source to target. If it can be done with a SQL statement, you can make an override to perform the task. A full SQL Select statement is not required as Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory generates portions of the statement for you. For example, if the target company requires a five digit employee number and the source company has no requirements, you could create an override to add those leading zeros

Click Add Override and then tell Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory if this override affects people or groups. Choose a valid internal field name that will be transformed by this override. You can see a list on the mapping screen.

For Field value, this is where you would enter a correctly formatted SQL statement.

We recommend that you add a comment to describe this override.

Double click on an override if you need to edit it. You cannot change the View or Field Name of an existing override.

Please use caution as Overrides are global. Once you create an override in a profile, it affects all profiles in Directory Sync Pro for Active Directory. You can import and export your Overrides, or choose reset overrides to return DirSync to the default profile settings.

See the help topic called Customizing Overrides for more details and more examples.

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