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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - Installation and Configuration Guide

Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Installing Binary Tree Migrator for Notes Section 3. Setting Up the Migrator for Notes Domino Database Section 4. Configuring Settings in Migrator for Notes Appendix A: Preparing for Office 365 Migrations Appendix B: Preparing for Office 365 Modern Authentication Appendix C: Creating a Migration Farm Appendix D: Securing Notes Migrator Web Services with Windows Authentication

Previous Releases


  • The Excel import functionality has been updated to set the Shortname field for the CMTKey on Migrator for Notes MIDB documents. (40089)

  • An issue to prevent duplicate migration submissions has been resolved by splitting the Migration Processing view into two steps: Migration Submission and Status. (40670)

  • An enhancement to display the same mail routing options for on-premises and Office 365 migrations in Migrator for Notes Settings has been implemented. (48434)

  • An enhancement to use the Settings OS log folder within MTCW logging has been implemented. (54010)

  • The option for room mail file creation to use a Domino R6 template has been removed. (59858)

  • Powershell quote types have been standardized to resolve an issue with activation processing. (65388)

  • Support for secondary Domino directories has been added to the Rooms and Resources import extraction process if configured in Settings. (65525)

  • An issue causing Powershell errors has been resolved by removing double slashes in the Powershell matching processing. (65543)

  • Support for secondary Domino directories has been added to the mail routing change action if configured in Settings. (65545)

  • An enhancement to Inbound Processing to correct counts for private folders if the button action is completed by an end user has been implemented. (65899)

  • Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 are now supported. (61920)

  • Exchange 2019 is now supported. (61930)

  • Modern Authentication is now supported (75338, 75339)

  • A quick pull option to be issued to the Domino server has been added for replication. (75372)


  • An issue causing mailbox login failure during Remove Migrated Data was incorrectly returning Success, even though no Migrated Data had been removed.  The status has been corrected to return Migration Failed. (75418)


  • An issue causing addresses to fail matching with accented uppercase characters has been resolved. The locale settings were adjusted to correctly convert additional accented character cases. (75350)


  • An issue causing excessive retry attempts when mail attachments failed to migrate due to target system restrictions has been resolved. The application will not continue to attempt retries on the MAPI_Call_Failed condition when migrating multiple mail attachments and mark the item as failed to prevent filling up the Recoverable Items folders. (75211)


  • An enhancement to handle and skip the processing of documents with malformed MIME content has been implemented. (75179)

  • An issue preventing the conversion of MIME message content to Notes Rich Text message and the migration of MIME content has been resolved. (75180)


  • Custom IAxxx field mappings have been added to Contacts. (75035)


  • A pre-migration agent for Person documents has been added to allow for updating Sametime Chat transcripts to correct Notes HTML formatting. (74130)


  • An issue causing S/MIME signed messages to migrate without a body has been resolved. (73880)


  • An issue causing Autodiscover and migration initialization failures has been resolved by updating the Autodiscover processing to exclude checking Outlook auto-mapping. (73110)


  • An update has been completed to add the Notes '(263) Insufficient Memory' error condition to the Notes Memory Exception processing. This is to re-queue a migration if the error is encountered during migration. (72828)


  • An enhancement to the resource import to clear the OrgRepeat to prevent migration data discrepancies has been implemented (16645).

  • An issue causing the resource owner to incorrectly be listed as the meeting organizer instead of the actual meeting chair has been fixed. (16753)

  • An issue causing the "Set Reader Access for User Mailfile" agent to inconsistently uncheck the 'Write Public Documents' box has been resolved. (16760)

  • The duplicate Migration Status option in the Settings > Other Settings tab has been removed. (16774)

  • An issue causing mail file contacts from different categories to be counted multiple times has been fixed. The Message Template for Local Contacts has been updated to ensure the contact count where local items are categorized is correct. (16783)

  • An issue causing user pop-up notifications to appear where there are no local contacts present in the PNAB has been fixed. The Message Template for Local Contacts has been updated to exclude user popup notifications where there are no local contacts present in the PNAB. (16808)

  • An enhancement to increase the exclusion limit for permissions delegation from 20 to 200 has been implemented. The corresponding known limitation has been updated. (29154)

  • The ‘Request License Key’ button has been removed from the Migrator for Notes Progress Summary screen. (36803)

  • An enhancement to display a ‘Source Count’ column when importing rooms and resources has been implemented. See the user guide for a screenshot of the new column. (40012)

  • Fix Contacts and Groups Members processing has been updated to use the Email Repliability for address lookups. (48018)

  • The ‘Heart Beat Interval’ option has been removed from the Settings > Other Settings tab. (49630)

  • An enhancement to set the ‘Discovered History from Migrated Data’ as the default processing option for migrations has been implemented. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for details. (53027)

  • An enhancement to suppress the display of the ‘Maximum Duplicates Checks per Folder’ field if the duplicate checking is disabled. (55920)

  • An enhancement to the ‘Set Migration Profile’ view to include the source mail template, server, mail file and the target email address has been implemented. (60136)

  • An enhancement to overwrite the resource import subject with the name of the booking Chair has been implemented. Two new fields have been added to the Rooms & Resource Settings. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for details. (66023)

  • An issue causing prevent the body of an RFC822 message from being migrated has been resolved. If a RFC822 message is detected, but the body fails to open as RFC822, the regular body-reading message will be used. (70011)

  • An issue causing the first entry in the ‘Full Name’ field, the common name of the room, to not show in the Translation view if an SMTP address is added to the Full Name field of the mail in database record has been resolved. (70012)

  • An enhancement to migrate the Notes decryptedbyBT flag as the Outlook property CMTsourceDecrypted has been implemented. (71123, 54011)

  • An enhancement to migrate the Notes ‘Form’ field on messages as the Outlook property CMTSourceForm so that the original Notes form can be identified if needed in Outlook has been implemented.  (71124)

  • An enhancement to expose the ‘CMT Key’ field in the Mailbox Migration workflow so it can be viewed and copied has been implemented. (71125)


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