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Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.11 - Installation and Configuration Guide

Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Installing Binary Tree Migrator for Notes Section 3. Setting Up the Migrator for Notes Domino Database Section 4. Configuring Settings in Migrator for Notes Appendix A: Preparing for Office 365 Migrations Appendix B: Preparing for Office 365 Modern Authentication Appendix C: Creating a Migration Farm Appendix D: Securing Notes Migrator Web Services with Windows Authentication

Organizational Units

Add your organization units. Click on select OU and browse to your desired OUs. You can add multiple OUs to a single profile, or create a new profile for each, if you want to customized the settings for each OU individually.

Click on an OU to select it. Be sure a check mark appears after each selection. Click again to de-select that OU.

By default, all sub-OUs of any selected OU are also included in the profile. If that's not what you want, then uncheck the box next to it. Then, pick and choose each OU manually.

Notice the number of OUs specifically selected is reflected in the ADD button at the bottom. If you want to start over completely, choose the Refresh button. Click the Add button when you have made all selections.

You can filter the objects included in the profile by double-clicking on the profile. You can select or deselect types of objects by checking or unchecking the boxes. For more granular control, you can edit the filter boxes.

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