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Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro for Notes 20.11 - Release Notes

Reset Mappings

Choose default mappings to return all mappings to the default. All standard AD attributes will be mapped, any manually added mappings or attributes discovered as part of the AutoMap process will be deleted.

Choose Discover Custom Attributes if you are using software that has extended the schema. Directory Sync Pro for Notes will populate the source and target field column with any newly-discovered attributes. You can then manually choose the ones that you want to map.

Or, choose Auto Map, and Directory Sync Pro for Notes will map these extended attributes wherever it find a match between the source and target fields.

As a final option, you can import a CSV file that contains only the mappings that you would like to use. If you import mappings, be sure that the file contain all of the mappings that you intend to use, as importing this file will completely overwrite all existing mappings.

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