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Backup Reporter for Oracle 1.6.1 - Quest Backup Report 1.6.1 Installation Guide

View Backups by Type

The Backups By Type tab displays detailed information organized by backup type.

Note: The detailed information for the BackupSet (Raw) Data tab is the same as under the Backups By Type tab.

To view backups by type

  1. Click the backup type from the left-side tabs.
  2. Click the desired backup from the Started field.

    Backup Sets Typically a backup consists of a single backup set; however, if the database contains tablespaces of different block, the backup is split among multiple backup sets. Other RMAN parameters like FILES_PER_SET may affect how a backup is split into multiple backup sets.
    Backup Pieces Displays a list of backup pieces contained within the backup. The backup piece corresponds to a disk file containing the backup data when you back up to disk. The backup piece is a logical unit of storage when you back up to a tape or VTL.
    Datafiles Displays the data files backed up.
    Archive Logs Displays the archive logs included in an archive log backup.
    Server Parameter Files Displays details on a Server Parameter file if included in the backup.
    Block Corruptions Displays database corruptions. This tab is typically disabled because there are no database corruptions.


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