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Backup Reporter for Oracle 1.6.1 - Quest Backup Report 1.6.1 Installation Guide

Register Data Sources

Quest Backup Reporter reports across a large number of data sources simultaneously. In order to accomplish this task, the Quest Backup Reporter must know the SQL*Net connection parameters for each data source. Registering a data source tells Quest Backup Reporter about the SQL*Net data source connection parameters. The Quest Backup Reporter remembers the connection parameters and automatically connects to the data source the next time you start the Quest Backup Reporter.

To Register New Data Sources

  1. Select Data Source | Register New Data Source.
  2. Select Select Control File and Data Dictionary View or Use Recovery Manager Catalog.
  3. Complete the wizard.


    • You can register a data source by a TNS service name or by entering the connection parameters. TNS entries are identified by tnsnames.ora in Oracle Home. You can register multiple TNS entries simultaneously.
    • The oracle account must be able to execute SELECTs from the data dictionary views. We recommend that you grant this account either the SELECT_CATALOG or DBA role. Another option is to grant the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY_ROLE privilege.
    • Quest Backup Reporter connects to the data source and reports any connection failures. If the connection fails, click Back and correct the connection parameters. Otherwise click Finish to complete registration.
    • The Display Name field is customizable and identifies the data source in most screens and reports. By default, hostname-database displays.
    • The Connect at startup option is enabled by default. Quest Backup Report connects to the data source at startup and immediately displays its status. Clear the checkbox to disable.

To Edit Data Source Registrations

  1. Select the Data Source tab.
  2. Select Edit Registration.
  3. Complete the wizard.

To Delete Data Source Registrations

  1. Select the Data Source tab.
  2. Select Delete Registration.
  3. Confirm deletion to proceed.

    Note: Deleting a registration deletes connection and violation information.


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