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Archive Manager 5.7 - User Guide

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In order to support hosted Exchange, the Archive Manager website features a Configure Archive Access page that allows users to enable and disable access to their mailbox accounts in a hosted Exchange environment.

To open the Configure Archive Access page, click on the drop down menu in the top right corner, and select Configure Archive Access.

The Configure Archive Access page provides a list of your remote mailbox accounts, as well as the status of delegating the remote mailbox access to proxy credentials. The status can be one of the following:

Pending: The delegating process is in progress.
Success: Delegating mailbox access to (at least one set of) proxy credentials is successful.
Fail: Delegating mailbox access to all proxy credentials has failed.

Enabling access to a hosted Exchange mailbox

Each hosted Exchange mailbox can have one owner, and only the owner can change the delegation settings for that mailbox. In order to configure a mailbox, you must be the owner. If a mailbox doesn't have an owner, you can become the owner by entering your Archive Manager login and the remote mailbox password when you enter your delegation settings when adding remote access. Only the owner of the remote mailbox can configure it.

On the Configure Archive Access page, click +ADD REMOTE ACCESS.
Select Enable for Archive Access.
Go to the Agreement section and read the text. Select the I have read and understood the agreement checkbox.
Click Configure.

This process may take several minutes, as the system needs to contact the remote server. If all the information has been entered correctly and no issues are encountered, a message is displayed at the top of the screen indicating success. If errors are encountered, an error message is displayed at the top of the screen.

To enable multiple accounts, type in the new remote account email address, and repeat the steps listed above. All accounts will be listed on the Configure Archive Access page. If enough accounts are listed, a scroll bar is displayed.

Disabling access to a hosted Exchange mailbox

Disabling remote access works the same as enabling, except that the Disable radiobox must be selected for Archive Access. Any disabled accounts still appear in the list on the Configure Archive Access page, but will indicate that they are disabled.

When you select the Disable radiobox for Archive Access, a radio box Accessible by Archive Manager Administrator will appear to ask whether you want to grant administrator access to the mailbox. Clicking Yes makes all existing messages public to any Archive Manager administrator.

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