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Archive Manager 5.7 - RESTful API Service Guide

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Supported HTTP method



Retrieves a list of HTML body of messages. If no query parameters are specified, the current login ID is applied.


Query parameters:

ftsScope: For example, ftsScope:Subject|Body.
attachmentType: Separate multiple types by semicolon, for example, txt;pdf;docx. Use the symbol "!" to exclude a file type, for example, !txt;!pdf, this will search for messages that do not have TXT or PDF attachment(s).
tagName: Separate multiple tags by semicolon, for example, tagName:Food;Fruit. Use the symbol "!" to exclude a tag, for example, tagName:!Food;!Fruit.

Sortable fields:

TIP: For example, to search all emails,

to search emails by query ID,

to search emails by Full Text Search,

JSON response sample


Creates a message and associates it with the current login ID.

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