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Archive Manager 5.4 - User Guide

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Date Range

Use the Date Range field to search for messages based on the date that the message was received.

Choose one of the following options to specify a date range:

All: (Default): All messages regardless of date received. This option must be used in conjunction with other criteria, such as search text or recipient information. Attempting to search using only the All option will generate an error.
Today: Messages received on the current date.
Yesterday: Messages received on the previous day.
This Week: Messages received within the current calendar week.
Last Week: Messages received in the previous calendar week.
This Month: Messages received between the current date and the first day of the current month.
Last Month: Messages received between the first and last day of the previous month.
Custom Range (and related fields): Messages received within a specified period. To specify a period, select one date from the Start Date calendar, and select another one from the End Date calendar.


The Attachments search lets you search for an email containing a specific attachment, or the attachment itself by the file name.

To find an attachment, enter the file name of the attachment. You can enter the file name with asterisk (*) to perform a wildcard search. The asterisk (*) can be placed at the beginning, end, or in the middle of the file name.

TIP: The Advanced search page allows you to specify the file name, minimum/maximum file size and file type for the attachment.


Tags provide a way of categorizing email messages within Archive Manager. For example, you can tag messages as being associated with a particular project or investigation. This allows you and your organization to access the email data more effectively.

To search for messages associated with one or more tags, select the tag(s) from the tag list shown as you type in the filed.

Viewing your search results

Messages matching your search criteria will be displayed and the Active Filter information panel will indicate what search criteria have been used. See the Managing search results section for more information.

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