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Archive Manager 5.4 - User Guide

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Searching email

The Email Search form

The Email Search form lets you perform detailed and flexible searches. A search is defined, and can be further refined, by the search criteria you specify with two drop down lists on the left and right sides of the search box: The one to the left of the search box defines the search fields including Keyword, To or From, Date Range, Attachments, and Tags; the other one, to the right of the search box, defines the search scope: you can search a specific mailbox, a specific folder or subfolder within a mailbox, or all mailboxes.

For Exchange systems, Archive Manager indexes all the meaningful fields of non-email items as if they were parts of a message body, to make them available to text searches. These non-email item types include:

For GroupWise systems, public messages, private messages, and calendar items are indexed.

A simple text search may therefore return these non-email items if the search string occurs in those items as part of a meeting location, appointment time, contact company name, etc.

Search controls

The following sections describe the search controls for Archive Manager.

Search fields

The criteria for different types of searches are defined in the drop down list to the left of the search box:

Keyword: Perform text-based searching.
To or From: Search for messages that have been sent to or received from a particular person or persons.
Date Range: Search for messages received on a specific date or between specific dates.
Attachments: Search for attachment by the file name.
Tags: Search for messages by user-defined categories.
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