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Archive Manager 5.4 - User Guide

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Once custom mailboxes have been created, Archive Manager provides the capability of assigning security to them. For more information, see Share my mailbox with other users.

My Search Log report

My Search Log report provides you with a report of all the searches you have conducted within a specified date range. By default, it displays all searches conducted on the current day.

Select My Search Log from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen.
All (Default) - All viewed messages regardless of date received.This option must be used in conjunction with other criteria, such as search text or recipient information. Attempting to search using only the All option will generate an error.
Today - Messages viewed on the current date
Yesterday - Messages viewed on the previous day
This Week - Messages viewed within seven days of the current date
Last Week - Messages viewed within fourteen days of the current date
This Month - Messages viewed on any day of the current month
Last Month - Messages viewed on any day of the previous month
Between (and related fields) - Messages viewed within a specified period. Use the Date From and Date To fields to specify the date range to search. Enter each date by selecting it from the pop-up calendar that appears when you click on the drop-down arrow next to the date entry field.
Click Search to execute the search.

Archive Manager also provides other types of reports which can be accessed from the Administration Website. For more information, refer to the Archive Manager Administration Guide.

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