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Archive Manager 5.4 - Installation and Configuration Guide for GroupWise

Deployment considerations for GroupWise System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types Appendix B: Process overview checklist


The IBM DR550 is supported for the storage of attachments and compliance messages. The native TSM API is used to store attachments in the system.

Archive Manager considers the IBM DR550 to be a usually-online blind storage system; we present an attachment, and receive a “ticket”. To get the attachment back, we present the ticket and get the attachment. If the IBM DR550 tells us the attachment is to be retrieved from slow storage (tape, DVD etc.), we present this to the user or handle it in an appropriate way.

Note that performing a full text index reindex can overload the IBM DR550 with restore requests. Please consult Quest before doing this.

Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform serves as a local file system when working with Archive Manager. For more information, see NTFS/Windows File System.

Common scenarios for editing the configuration

The following sections describe different scenarios for editing the configuration.

Using a NAS Box

Archive Manager’s installer does not support storing attachments on a NAS box, as software is installed on the box, which is most likely not running windows.

If you want to store attachments on a NAS box, use the following workaround:

You must ensure that all Archive Manager users, ArchiveMgr_Service, ArchiveMgr_ESM, ArchiveMgr_Journal, have full access to that folder.
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