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Archive Manager 5.4 - Installation and Configuration Guide for Exchange

Deployment considerations for Exchange System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types Appendix B: Installing the Archive Retrieve tool for BlackBerry users

Prerequisites for Office 365 on-premise journaling

Currently Archive Manager does not support Office 365 directly. However, Archive Manager can archive emails for Office 365 through Journaling. This is set up in the following two steps:

On the top left corner, click View all my apps to launch the view.
Select Admin to open the Admin center (preview) page. (Or under the text Collaborate with Office Online, select Admin).
Click the Admin centers menu in the left menu list to view all the apps.
Select Exchange to open the Exchange admin center page.
Click the compliance management menu in the left menu list to open the compliance management page.
Select the journal rules tab to open the journal rules view.
Click the + button to open the Journal Rule wizard.
In the Send journal reports to: textbox, enter the email address you prepared at the beginning of the procedure. Fill in other information as necessary and click Save to create the journal rule.

Once the journal rule is created, each message sent to/from users in the Office 365 tenant will have an envelope journal report sent to the email address you specified in the journal rule.

To setup Archive Manager MAPI Data Loader for journal email address, see Adding MAPI data loaders for Exchange Journal mailboxes .

After configuring the MAPI Data Loader, all messages in the journal email address will be exported by the MAPI Data Loader and loaded by the File System Data Loader to Archive Manager database.

Attachment store types

Some attachment store types are deprecated in Archive Manager for new installations. Existing customers on deprecated file storage types are fully supported and will continue to be supported until a migration plan is in place and a migration tool is available to move to a new storage type.

File System


NetApp SnapLock 7.2.4


EMC Centera 4.2.1, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.1.4, or EMC Atmos 2.0


Caringo CAStor 6.5.4


BridgeHead HT FileStore with HDR 2.2-20, Build 23007

Deprecated. Only upgrades supported.

IBM DR-550 version 5.4.1 (Version 5, Release 4, Level 1)

Deprecated. Only upgrades supported.

Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform Version 3.7.1


Client workstation

Stubbed message reconstruction using the Outlook Form requires the following:

The Offline Client requires the following:

The Search Exporter requires the following:

Web browsers

Any of:

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