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Archive Manager 5.4 - Installation and Configuration Guide for Exchange

Deployment considerations for Exchange System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types Appendix B: Installing the Archive Retrieve tool for BlackBerry users

Appendix B: Installing the Archive Retrieve tool for BlackBerry users

Archive Retrieve tool overview

The Archive Retrieve tool allows Archive Manager users with a BlackBerry device to read their archived email from the BlackBerry, without using a Web interface. When this tool is in place, users do not have to follow a link to the Archive Manager Web Site to retrieve archived mail. Archived messages appear on the BlackBerry device in the same format as messages that have not been archived.

Software requirements

Installing the Archive Retrieve tool

Click Next on the Welcome screen.
On the Select Type screen, select either Complete or Custom for the setup type.
Complete: All program features will be installed. This requires the most disk space.
Custom: You have the opportunity to select which program features to install. Custom is recommended only for advanced users.
Archive Retrieve: This is selected by default and grayed out. It must be installed for the tool to run.
Archive Retrieve Monitor: This is selected by default. This service checks to make sure that the appropriate DLL file is in place for the Archive Retrieve tool. The Archive Retrieve Monitor also monitors the status of the Archive Manager Web Site every 10 seconds. If a URL to the Web site is disabled because the Archive Manager Web site was unavailable, the Archive Retrieve Monitor will enable the URL when the Web site becomes available again. You can edit and monitor server status in the Archive Retrieve Configuration Editor.
Archive Retrieve Configuration: If this is selected, the Configuration Editor is installed. The Configuration Editor provides an interface for editing Archive Retrieve parameters stored in the registry.
User: Enter the account under which the service will run. The account that the Blackberry Enterprise Server uses must be an Archive Manager Administrator account with rights that allow access to all messages. The service account also must have rights to be able to restart the MAPI service. LOCALSYSTEM is allowed for the account name. The account must also have access to all BlackBerry users’ mailboxes. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server must be in the same domain as the Archive Manager Server.
Password: Enter the password for the account.
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