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Archive Manager 5.4 - Installation and Configuration Guide for Exchange

Deployment considerations for Exchange System requirements Hardware recommendations Pre-installation preparations Installing and configuring Archive Manager Upgrading/Uninstalling Archive Manager Post-installation tasks Appendix A: Attachment store types Appendix B: Installing the Archive Retrieve tool for BlackBerry users


Running the NetApp SnapLock Setup wizard

The NetApp SnapLock Setup Wizard is run from the Archive Manager Installer. The NetApp SnapLock Configuration screen contains a Launch SnapLock Setup Wizard button. When you launch the wizard, fill in the information on the following screens:

Login Page

Create New SnapLock Volume: Select this option to create a new volume.
Change Retention Times: Select this option to change the default retention times. The settings here apply only if you select SnapLock Default as the retention mode in the Archive Manager Installer.
Filer Address: IP name or address of the machine running Data ONTAP.
User Name: Account name you want to use to access the machine running Data ONTAP. This account must be an Administrator account, preferably root.
Password: Password for the account used to access the machine running Data ONTAP.
Volume Name: Name of the volume you want to create on the machine running Data ONTAP. Or the name of the volume for which you want to change retention times. This name is case sensitive.
New Volume Name: Enter the name of the volume you wish to create.
Number of Disks to Use: Enter the number of disks to use on the volume. Because it is a RAID configuration, this must be an even number.
Create Data Loader User: Select this box if you are not using Active Directory and need to set up a Journal User for the data loader.
Data Loader Log-In User Name: Enter the name for the Journal User that you are creating.
Data Loader Log-In User Password: Enter the password you want to create for the Journal User.
Verify Password: Retype the password.

Click Next to create the volume If this is a new setup, the volume will be created instantly. If this is an existing setup, the wizard will take some time to prepare the volume for use.

Current Retention Times: Shows the current settings for the minimum time, default time, and maximum time.
Set Retention Time: Enter a number for the minimum time, default time, and maximum time. Select days, months, or years from the drop-down list.

EMC Centera

The EMC Centera is supported for the storage of attachments and compliance messages. The native Centera API is used to store attachments in the Centera cluster. Archive Manager considers the Centera to be an "always-online blind storage system." Archive Manager presents an attachment, and then receives a “ticket”. To get the attachment back, Archive Manager presents the ticket and gets the attachment.

Archive Manager does not set any retention policies on the Centera. This is left to the Centera administrator.

Archive Manager supports any centera settings which can be set on the Centera connection string or in a PEA file.

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