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Archive Manager 5.4 - Administration Guide

Administration menu Authentication modes Data loaders Download tools Federated Search Instances Groups Index management Logins Security roles Storage location Message tags Alert Service Policies Exclusion rules Mail servers Mailbox assignment Mailboxes Lync servers Lync user assignment Lync users Reports Message policies Message policy assignments Retention policies System maintenance Log Viewer Exchange Utility Appendix A: Moving database or attachment store

Administration menu

About the Administration menu

The Administration home page of the Archive Manager administration website displays the Administration menu. The Administration menu provides access to the following system management functions:

Authentication Mode

Select the mode used for authenticating Archive Manager users.

Data Loaders

Configure how messages are loaded into Archive Manager and the locations of those messages.


View all current Archive Manager documentation available for download.

Download Tools

Display all the current Archive Manager tools available for download.

Federated Search Instances

Create and update remote Archive Manager servers so they can be searched simultaneously.


Create, update, and delete groups and memberships.

Index Dashboard

View and configure Full Text Index partitions.

Index Operation Log

View and search Full Text Index operation logs.

Index Rollover Policy

View, create and configure rollover policies for message and attachment indices.



Create, update, and delete user accounts.


Message Tags

Create, update, delete and define message or file tags and metadata to assign to email messages or file for easier retrieval of email or file data.

Security Roles

Create, update, and delete security settings for user groups.

Storage Location

Configure storage locations and migrate attachments from one storage location to another.


Search all current Archive Manager knowledgebase available for support.

Email archiving

Alert Service Polilcies

Manage alert service policies and configure global alert setting.

Exclusion Rules

Create, update, and delete rules for managing messages.

Mail Servers

Connect to and configure mail servers.

Mailbox Assignment

Manage mailboxes and apply mailboxes to selected login.


Create, update, and delete mailboxes.

Message Policies

Create, update, and delete policies for managing the mail server and the quantity and types of messages contained there.

Policy Assignment

Manage message policies and apply policies to users and to the folders in their mailboxes.

Retention Policies

Implement your retention policies.


Lync archiving

Lync Servers

Connect to and configure Lync servers.

Lync User Assignment

Manage Lync users and apply Lync users to selected logins.

Lync Users

Update and delete Lync Users.

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