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Active Administrator 8.5 - Installation Guide

Installation Considerations for Active Administrator System requirements Installing and configuring Active Administrator Appendix: Active Administrator Server Manager

Active Administrator Foundation and Data Services

This section of the Server Manager contains tools to manage Active Administrator Foundation and Data Services.

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SQL Full-Text Search

Active Administrator audit reports use SQL Full-Text Search to filter event descriptions to help reports run faster. When the SQL Full-Text Search is enabled, the current index status is displayed and clicking on the status will update it.

Web Server Configuration

This section of the Server Manager can be used to configure the Web Server settings. To support Smart Card Authentication, you must enable Windows Authentication and use the Microsoft Edge browser when logging into the Active Administrator Web Console.

Optionally, Enable HTTP logging and set the Number of logs to keep in days.
Optionally, Enable session timeouts and set the Session timeout in minutes.
Optionally, Enable Windows Authentication.
Optionally, set the Authentication token expiration time in minutes.
Optionally, set the Authentication token refresh interval in minutes.
Optionally, Enable SSL and set the Certificate and SSL Port number.
Optionally, click View HTTP Binding to view the HTTP Binding Component.
Optionally, click View Certificate to view the current certificate.
Optionally, click Clear Certificate to remove the current certificate.

Managing Security

Active Administrator makes use of FIPS 140-2 compliant software to secure information and includes a security management tool in the Active Administrator Server Manager. For more information, see Starting the Active Administrator Server Manager . The Security Manager allows you to perform the following tasks related to the Active Administrator security.

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