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Active Administrator 8.5 - Installation Guide

Installation Considerations for Active Administrator System requirements Installing and configuring Active Administrator Appendix: Active Administrator Server Manager

AFS service account minimum permissions

The following table details the minimum permissions required for proper functionality of the Active Administrator Foundation Service (AFS) service account.

Account Expiration

Active Templates

Active Directory Health Reports

Active Directory Infrastructure Reports

Alert History Report


Archiving and Purging

Assessment Report

Audit Agent

Audit Reports



Certificate Management

Certificate Repository

Certificate Search

Certification report



Configuration report


DC consistency report


DFSR report

DNS Management

DNS Analyzer

DNS Event log

DNS report

DNSConfiguration report

DSParameters report

Event definition

Group Policy


Inactive Accounts



LogLevels report

WhiteSpace report

Password Reminder


Replication Monitoring

SecConfig Report

DiscSpace Report

Security (All objects) reports

Service Monitoring

Site coverage report


TimeSync report


User Settings

Workstation Logon

Diagnostic Console minimum permissions

To run the Diagnostic Console, the Domain Administrator permission is recommended.

The Performance Monitor Users and Performance Log Users permissions are the minimum permissions required to collect most, but not all, Active Directory performance data on the target domain controller.

The Domain Administrator permission is needed for the Diagnostic Console to collect data and display the following critical alarms on target domain controllers:


Installing and configuring Active Administrator

Quest® Active Administrator® has two main components: Server and Console. Install the Console component on any computer that requires it. The Server component needs to be installed on only one computer. Both the Console and Server components can be installed on the same server.

To install and configure Active Administrator, follow the steps in these sections:

Backing up your data


Prior to upgrading Active Administrator ensure you back up the Active Administrator share, any data files, ActiveAdministratror.xml, and export the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest\Active Administrator registry key.

The Active Administrator share is located at the root on the computer where Active Administrator is installed (C:\ActiveAdministrator). The Active Administrator share contains several folders that contain information, such as settings, templates, repositories, backup files, and log files. Back up the entire Active Administrator share.
The registry key is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest\Active Administrator.
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