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Active Administrator 8.4 - Whats New

Web console enhancements

Added the option to schedule when alerts will be muted for selected objects. Select Monitor | Active Directory Health | Schedule Mute. To display a schedule outlining when alerts will be muted for selected objects, select Monitor | Active Directory Health | Mute Schedule.
Added the option to specify a threshold filter. Select Report | Active Directory Health | Active Administrator Domain Controller Response Time Report.

Other enhancements

When upgrading from Active Administrator 8.2 or 8.3 to Active Administrator 8.4, or when installing Active Administrator 8.4 for the first time, the passphrase required for data encryption must be between 25 and 32 characters in length. The current passphrase can be changed using the previous passphrase value.

The process for adding the Active Administrator Application to the Microsoft Azure portal has been updated. Go to, select Azure Active Directory. For more information, see Adding the Active Administrator App section in the Active Administrator User Guide.


Added the option to enter a computer name to add to the list of domain controllers excluded from Active Directory Replication Monitoring. Select Active Directory Infrastructure | Replication Monitoring.

Added the Certificate Management Viewer role for read-only access to the Certificates module. If selected, the user can browse the Certificates module, and search and report on certificates, but not add, update, or delete certificates. The Certificate Management role must be disabled to limit the user to read-only access.

Added the ability to select and delete multiple certificates in the Certificates | Certificate Management console.

Added configurable e-mail notifications for certificate error messages to make it easier to know when a service is running or not. Select Certificates | Certificate Authority | Notifications options.

You may opt to receive notifications when the following services are Up or Down:

The frequency that certificate authority service states are checked can be configured using the Configuration | Certificate Configuration | Certificate Authority settings.

You can enable and configure SNMP notifications for a target machine equipped with SNMP management software capable of processing TRAP v2 notifications. Select Configuration | SCOM and SNMP Settings.

When selecting Active Directory objects to recover, there is now an option to Select All objects, Clear All objects, or select multiple objects. Select Recovery | Object Recovery.

A manager notification is sent when a user receives a password reminder. The wording of the notification message and the subject line can be customized. Select Security & Delegation | Password Reminder.

The password reminders have some new and some improved customization options. Select Security & Delegation | Password Reminder.



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