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Active Administrator 8.4 - Installation Guide

Installation Considerations for Active Administrator Installing and configuring Active Administrator

Backing up your data

Prior to upgrading Active Administrator ensure you back up the Active Administrator share, any data files, ActiveAdministratror.xml, and export the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest\Active Administrator registry key.

The Active Administrator share is located at the root on the computer where Active Administrator is installed (C:\ActiveAdministrator). The Active Administrator share contains several folders that contain information, such as settings, templates, repositories, backup files, and log files. Back up the entire Active Administrator share.
The registry key is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest\Active Administrator.

Installing Active Administrator server

Click Install next to Active Administrator Server.
Click View License Agreement.
Click I accept these terms, and click OK.
Click Next.
To change the location of the program files, click Change, or click Next to accept the default installation directory.
Click Install.
Click Finish.
Launch Configuration Wizard is selected by default. When you click Finish, you continue to the configuration wizard. See Configuring the server.

Configuring the server

The AA Configuration Wizard guides you through configuring the various services that are required to run Active Administrator. After this initial configuration, you can modify the server configuration within the Active Administrator console under the Configuration module. See Configuration in the Quest® Active Administrator® User Guide.

If you are upgrading Active Administrator or have already run the configuration wizard, your previous settings appear on each page. You can quickly page through the wizard accepting the current settings or take the opportunity to make changes to your setup.

Applying a license file

NOTE: The full and evaluation versions of Active Administrator® are identical. The license file is the sole determinant of program functionality.

During the free 30-day trial period, there is unlimited auditing of domain controllers. The Azure Active Directory, and Certificate Management features are not included.

The Azure Active Directory, Certificate Management, and Active Directory Health features each require a separate license. If you do not have a license file to apply, the module does not appear in Active Administrator. You will see the Azure Active Directory and Certificate Management features listed under the Configuration module, but when you select the feature, a warning displays that a license is required.

NOTE: You also can update licenses from the Active Administrator Server Manager. From the Start menu, open AA Server Manager, and click Update License.
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