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Toad for SQL Server 7.2 - Release Notes

Install Toad on Citrix® Systems

Install Toad on Citrix® Systems

Toad must be installed on the Citrix server by the Citrix administrator. Users then connect to this instance through their Citrix login.

To install Toad on a Citrix system

  1. Connect to the Citrix Environment as an administrator.

  2. Copy Toad to the Citrix server, if needed.

  3. Start the Toad installation process.

  4. During installation, select the Anyone who uses this computer checkbox when prompted.

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each server in the Citrix farm.

    Note: Although you must install Toad on every server in the Citrix farm, you only need to publish Toad once.

  1. Review the following considerations regarding licensing:

    • A license supplied by an administrator always overrides a user-supplied license in a Citrix environment.
    • If you need to provide the same Toad functionality to all users, you can enter the default license key for all users.
    • If you have users with different license requirements (for example, some have Standard licenses and others have Professional licenses), individual licenses should be entered for each user. You should not enter the default license key because it enables all functionality in Toad.


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