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Toad Edge 2.1 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad Edge® 2.1.x

Release Notes

January 2021

These release notes provide information about the Toad Edge release.

About Toad Edge®

Toad Edge® is a database management application that allows you to perform database administration tasks with ease.

Toad Edge® allows you to:

  • Connect to your databases, view, explore and edit database structure, database objects and properties
  • Manage database objects, easily add, edit or drop objects in Object Explorer
  • Obtain detailed information about your databases
  • Manage data stored in your database, add, edit or remove records
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in Worksheet
  • Compare and synchronize databases using powerful Schema Compare
  • Conveniently manage users and user permissions in Object Details editors
  • Seamlessly integrate Toad Edge into your Continuous Integration and Delivery processes

Toad Edge 2.1.6 is a patch release, with resolved issues. See Resolved Issues

New Features

New features of Toad Edge

In Toad Edge® 2.1 the following new features were implemented:

General features

Connection dialog enhancements

  • Connections has been improved

Worksheet enhancements

  • Fix misspelled words using spell check when writing in Worksheet
  • Responsiveness and accuracy of automatic suggestions have been improved
  • Toad now highlights more letters in suggestions to help you find the object you are looking for
  • Press Tab to indent selected paragraphs of text

Support for DBMS output

  • Toad Edge now supports DBMS message output for Postgres and EDB Postgres connections

Database features

Support for PostgreSQL 12

  • Toad Edge now supports PostgreSQL 12

Support for PostgreSQL 11

  • You now can run stored procedures

Support for EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11

  • Toad Edge now supports connecting to EDB 11

MySQL 8 timezone improvements

  • Your timezone is now preset in 'Server Time Zone' field when you create a new connection
  • Difference of client and server timezones is now recorded in MySQL log


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Toad Edge 2.1

  • UI enhancements in menus and options
  • Minor enhancements of connection process for MySQL 8.0

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved for this release:

Toad Edge 2.1.6

Description Issue ID
Optimized performance in MariaDB 2123/4573576
Survey behavior is fixed 14595
Newly created functions will show up for new connections of Postgres/EDB 14530/4758530

Toad Edge 2.1.5

Description Issue ID
Objects in revoke statement are highlighted 14086

Toad Edge2.1.4

Description Issue ID
Added support for PostgreSQL 12 objects 2364/4640303

Toad Edge 2.1.2

Description Issue ID
Tab now indents paragraphs of text 1581/4517660
Stored procedures are now supported in Redshift 1724/ 4560469
Text color does not change during editing anymore 1586/4529594

Performance with large queries in PostgreSQL has been improved.

NOTE: Maximum recommended number of rows to fetch for Postgres/EDB connection is 1,000,000


Toad Edge 2.1.1

Description Issue ID
Partial fetching is now available for platforms that do not support server side fetching. 12787/4332974
Synonyms tab is available for EDB. 14512

Toad Edge 2.1

Description Issue ID
You now can display all sessions in Session Browser. 13018/4361151
DBMS output is now available for Postgres and EDB Postgres 12971/4357823
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