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On Demand Migration Current - User Guide

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Public Folders Migration

The Public Folders migration workflow consists of the following steps:

# Step
1 Create or open a migration project
2 [optional] Configure connections
3 Discover Public Folders
4 Migrate Public Folders
5 Monitor the progress and track issues

What We Migrate

All types of Public Folders (appointment, contact, journal, mail, note, task, and so on) can be migrated in case they are supported in the target tenant.

Please consider the following migration specifics:

  • If the public folder with the same path already exists on the target, the source public folder will not be migrated. Check the Events tab.
  • The first processed mailbox will be set as a primary for a public folder. Other mailboxes will be set as secondary public folder mailboxes.
  • Send As and Send on Behalf properties will only be transferred for mail-enabled Public Folders.
  • Read and unread status is not migrated.


From this dashboard you can:

  • Keep track of your location within project and quickly return to the main project dashboard using breadcrumbs on the top of the pane
  • View list of discovered public folders with source and target paths, and last events related to the public folder
  • Quickly navigate to the event lists
  • Quickly navigate to the tasks list
  • Create discovery tasks and public folder migration tasks
  • Export feature data into comma-separated file
  • Temporarily remove public folders from the migration project
  • Search public folder
  • Filter public folder by status, by matching state, or by mail settings
  • Delete public folder


Verify the following prerequisites before you start Public Folders migration:

  • Consents for the following permissions are granted for source and target tenants. See Configuring Connectionsif you want to regrant consents for source and target tenants.
    • Migration - Basic
    • Mailbox Migration
  • Target temporary Migration Manager account has Owner permission to the target public folder root.
  • It is highly recommended to match / migrate all accounts in the corresponding migration project to ensure that e folder permissions and account related mail settings will be migrated.
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