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On Demand Migration Current - Desktop Update Agent Release Notes

Release Notes

On Demand Migration Desktop Update Agent (DUA)

Release Notes

October 2022

To complete a migration project and reconfigure a user's applications, agents must be configured and deployed by administrators, then run on users' workstations.

Desktop Update Agent provides the ability to manage users' application reconfiguration activities from a single view within On Demand Migration. Migration administrators can configure which applications will be reconfigured, track each application’s status, and send notices to remind users if required.


These release notes provide information about the On Demand Migration Desktop Update Agent deployment.




New features

New features in :

  • The computer may have to be restarted to allow the OneDrive folder to be renamed as part of the migration process. An option has been added that allows end users to select when to do the required restart.

See also:



The following enhancement is implemented in this release of On Demand Migration Desktop Update Agent.
General improvements Issue ID

If the agent is unable to rename the OneDrive folder during the migration , the computer must be restarted. This will allow the folder to be renamed and the agent to process any remaining steps.

If needed, users are presented with the option to either restart the computer immediately or have the rename triggered on their next restart.


Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported:

  • The “Direct Download” option is no longer supported.

    NOTE: If required, you can use this method with ‘legacy’ 1.x agents, but you will not have access to new features.

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