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On Demand Group Management Current - User Guide

Documentation roadmap

Global settings

On Demand global settings refers to management tools and configuration settings that apply to all On Demand

modules. This includes tenant management tasks and downloading audit logs.


Each management tool is referred to as a module. Currently, the following modules are available:

  • Audit
  • Group Management
  • License Management
  • Migration
  • Recovery


For each module, and the global settings, there is a Release Notes document and a User Guide.

  • The Release Notes contains a release history and details of new features, resolved issues, and known issues.
  • User Guides contain descriptions and procedures for the management tasks you can perform with each module.

Use the links below to navigate to the content you require.

User Guides

Release Notes

More resources

  • For sales or other inquiries, visit or call +1-949-754-8000.
  • To sign up for a trial or purchase a subscription, go to
  • Technical support is available to Quest customers with a valid maintenance contract and customers who have trial versions. You can access the Quest Support Portal at
  • The Quest On Demand Community provides a space for blog posts and a forum to disucss the On Demand products.

Appendix A: Attribute mappings between Azure AD and GM

Table 7: Attribute mappings between Azure AD and GM
Azure AD Group Group Management Group
displayName Name
description Description
The part after @ in email address [1] Domain
mail Mail
owners Owners
members Members

[1]: Mapping from Azure AD to Group Management only.

Appendix B: Attribute mappings between on-premises AD and GM

Table 8: Attribute mappings between on-premises AD and GM
On-Premises AD Group Group Management User
displayName [1] Name
description [1] Description
mail [1] Email address
The domain name of the on-premises AD [1] Domain
managedBy + msExchCoManagedByLink Owner
member Member

[1]: Mapping from on-premises AD to Group Management only.

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