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On Demand Global Settings Current - Release Notes

Incident response management

Quest Operations and Quest Support have procedures in place to monitor the health of the system and ensure any degradation of the service is promptly identified and resolved. On Demand relies on Azure and AWS infrastructure and as such, is subject to the possible disruption of these services.You can view the following status pages:

AWS Services:

Release history: Previous releases

In On Demand, you can now add GCC and GCC High tenants in the U. S. region. Currently, only the Migration module support GCC and GCC High tenants.

Commercial or GCC Tenant

Commercial Office 365 tenants are open to any customer. GCC Office 365 tenants are for US public sector organizations and the contractor organizations that service them.

GCC High Tenant

GCC High tenants provide Office 365 services that adhere to additional US Department of Defense security requirements. Customer eligibility to GCC High tenants is restricted.

For details, see the section titled Adding Tenants in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.


New flexible filtering and column customization is available for the Settings | Activity Trail. You can now create custom filtering to see the specific events that you want and add or remove columns from the displayed table.


On Demand status information is available on the masthead, showing whether all modules are operational, and if there are partial or major outages. Scheduled maintenance that will include downtime can be displayed in a banner.

You can click on Status Overview to view the On Demand Status page with details about outages or degraded performance, scheduled maintenance, and past incidents. For details, see the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.


Support is added for the United Kingdom (UK) geographic region. For more information, see in the chapter titled “Managing Organizations and Regions” in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.


Subscription management is now separated from all access control functions. The Billing Administrator role has been deprecated.

Quest On Demand subscriptions are associated with an email address. To activate a subscription, the email address of the subscription owner must be added to the Subscription Owners list on the Settings | Subscriptions | Shared Subscriptions page. For more information, see Settings > Subscriptions in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.


More resources

Additional information is available from the following:

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