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On Demand Global Settings Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Global Settings

Release Notes

Update Date: August 2023

These release notes provide information about On Demand Global Settings deployments.


About Quest On Demand

Quest On Demand is a cloud based management platform, providing access to multiple Quest Software Microsoft management tools through a single interface. Cloud based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet. Quest On Demand is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application where application software is hosted in the cloud and made available to users through

The Quest On Demand management platform is based on the concepts of organizations, task based modules and Azure AD tenants. When you sign up for the Quest On Demand service, you create an organization. The organization can subscribe to task based modules. Organization administrators can use the tools provided by the modules to perform administrative actions on Azure AD tenants.

New Features

New features in this On Demand Global Settings deployment:

  • Dashboard left navigation updated:

    • Access control has been moved under Settings.

    • Migrate now expands to include On Demand Migration pages such as Projects, Active Directory, Directory Sync, Domain Rewrite, and Domain Move.

Release history

The following lists the new features, enhancements, and resolved issues by deployment.

Current deployment

Enhancements ID
Dashboard updated so that Migrate now expands to include On Demand Migration pages such as Projects, Active Directory, Directory Sync, Domain Rewrite, and Domain Move. 330779
Dashboard updated so the Access Control is now located moved under Settings. 362640

Previous deployments

New Features ID
Welcome to On Demand landing page update to allow users to log in using Azure AD. 423767
New Features ID
Ability to generate a new passphrase when adding an agent. 418049
New Features ID
Assign role for Exchange Online PowerShell admin consent

When you grant consent in On Demand, a service principal is created in your tenant. Some On Demand modules require that a role be assigned to the service principal. The role is needed to support specific module functionality such as for On Demand Recovery.

Now, after granting consent for the Exchange Online PowerShell consent type, you can assign the Exchange Admin Role. This role is needed to perform Exchange tasks such as linking mailboxes to users and deleting mail-enabled groups.

Enhancements ID
If you have an On Demand agent installed and running and Quest has released a new version, the agent is automatically upgraded in your environment. When a new version of the agent is available, Quest will generate a package to be distributed to all organizations. Each installed agent will be updated. Updates do not require any manual intervention and the upgrade does not require a system reboot. 359241
Enhancements ID

As of May 19, you have the option to upgrade to the new consent experience that uses the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) which provides better security and resilience. As of June 16, all users will be upgraded to the new consent experience.

Microsoft is deprecating the Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and replacing it with the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). For Quest On Demand applications with delegated permissions, you must regrant consent due to the migration to MSAL.

Enhancements ID

On Demand provides support for on-premises activities in hybrid environments. New functionality allows you to connect to your on-premises domains in a hybrid environment to perform data collection and management activities.When you click Tenants in the left navigation bar, you will see the new Hybrid Agents and Active Directory Domains tabs.

By installing an agent with a unique key and specifying domains to which the agent is connected, you can review information and perform actions in your hybrid environment. You start the process to install and configure an agent by selecting Tenants in the left navigation bar and selecting Hybrid Agents.

You can add on-premises domains to On Demand selecting Tenants in the left navigation bar and selecting Active Directory Domains. You can also add domains as part of the agent configuration process.

Enhancements ID

In On Demand, you can now add GCC and GCC High tenants in the U. S. region. Currently, only the Migration module support GCC and GCC High tenants.

Commercial or GCC Tenant Commercial

Office 365 tenants are open to any customer. GCC Office 365 tenants are for US public sector organizations and the contractor organizations that service them.

GCC High Tenant

GCC High tenants provide Office 365 services that adhere to additional US Department of Defense security requirements. Customer eligibility to GCC High tenants is restricted. For details, see the section titled Adding Tenants in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.


Enhancements ID
New flexible filtering and column customization is available for the Settings | Activity Trail. You can now create custom filtering to see the specific events that you want and add or remove columns from the displayed table. 199537
Enhancements ID

On Demand status information is available on the masthead, showing whether all modules are operational, and if there are partial or major outages. Scheduled maintenance that will include downtime can be displayed in a banner.

You can click on Status Overview to view the On Demand Status page with details about outages or degraded performance, scheduled maintenance, and past incidents. For details, see the On Demand Global Settings User Guide. ؀

Enhancements ID
Support is added for the United Kingdom (UK) geographic region. For more information, see in the chapter titled “Managing Organizations and Regions” in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide. XCLOUD-9636
Enhancements ID

Subscription management is now separated from all access control functions. The Billing Administrator role has been deprecated.

Quest On Demand subscriptions are associated with an email address. To activate a subscription, the email address of the subscription owner must be added to the Subscription Owners list on the Settings | Subscriptions | Shared Subscriptions page. For more information, see Settings > Subscriptions in the On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

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