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Metalogix Backup for SharePoint 6.11 - Release Notes

Metalogix® Backup for SharePoint 6.11

Release Notes

November 2022

These release notes provide information about the Metalogix® Backup for SharePoint 6.11 which is a minor release.

·What's New

·Resolved issues

·Known Issues

·Version History

·Notes and Notices

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions


What's New

Metalogix Backup for SharePoint has deprecated support for the following, because they are longer supported by Microsoft and may cause security issues:

Operating Systems

·Windows Server 2008 SP2

·Windows Server 2008 R2

·Windows 7

·Windows 8

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.



Work Item

Case No.

Metalogix Backup; [G] Prod backup set grooming is failing, backup sets are NOT being deleted



Metalogix Backup [G]; granular restore failed, no full farm backup sets available for selection



Metalogix Backup; [W] ghost servers in Configuration list, License does not appear to be valid



Could not mount and link Content Database Backup file



Timeout errors while navigating the contents of a backup



Metalogix Backup [G] license error ‘Insufficient licenses for installed farm servers’



Differential backup completes with errors, description shows that they get upgraded to full farm backups with lsn mismatch error



The issue with granular restore failing for a checked out document has been resolved.



Known issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Farm backup and restore issues

If you use a scheduled farm backup with differential backups to back up a SharePoint component and also use another product that uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to perform a backup of the same component, the Metalogix SharePoint Backup differential backups succeed, but cannot be used to perform a restore. This happens because use of the third-party product invalidates the data that VSS uses to create differential backups.

In the same way, if the other product supports differential backups and you perform a full backup with Metalogix SharePoint Backup, you may interfere with the other product.

If you use multiple products to perform backups, you should only use full-farm backups in Metalogix SharePoint Backup.


Reference No.

An incorrect error message appears when adding a farm on a SharePoint Server that does not have the minimum .Net framework installed.


The primary backup service uses more memory than the secondary backup service.


Out of place restore operations for SharePoint components skip a user account when a host-named site collection is selected as target in SharePoint 2010.


Changing the name of a discussion board list in the restore wizard during an in-place and/or out-of-place restore operation restores the items selected for a discussion board but does not update the name of the board.

123487, 122993

It is not possible to mount a content database from BAK files with multiple passwords.


The default backup location of SQL Management Studio console is being removed after executing a Farm backup operation.


SQL Server BAK files cannot be used to mount and link a content database.


Backup content is displayed empty when MDF and LDF files of a non-content database are selected in the browse option of Mount and Link CDB wizard.


Workflow creates an incorrect task type after a restore operation in SharePoint 2013.


The background image of a custom theme is not restored on SharePoint 2013.


Differential backups are escalated to full backups if other VSS snapshots are taking place against the same DBs.


When a site collection containing another language is restored, the left pane with links and other fields is restored to that language rather than the primary one.


Issue where disk space information cannot be retrieved by the management console when the Amazon or Azure backup sets are marked as the primary backup set.


When a site collection is restored and the "Copy Site quota" option has been selected, the quota for the restored site is different than the quota of the original site.


When the Backup Service is configured for HCP 9.0 or higher, an invalid credentials error is generated.

NOTE:  Metalogix Backup does not currently support HCP version 9.0 or higher.


General issues


Reference No.

SharePoint Backup 5.0 does not prevent users from mounting a BAK file more than once, allowing for the creation of additional mounted content database of the same BAK file.


The System Account is not restored if objects being restored have unique permissions.


Information related to workflows is lost when restoring a Site Collection or a Sub Site.


For Group Work Site Template, Basic Meeting Workspace Template or Record Center template, of SharePoint 2010 built-in calendar, team discussion, and task web parts are restored but the look and feel is slightly different.


When restoring sites that use Personalization site templates in SharePoint 2010, the built-in web parts are restored in different places.


It is not possible to enable the Nintex feature when the Site was restored from a Site Collection without Nintex configuration for SP2010.


User may be unable to verify account during Configuration Wizard because the user account provided in the Configuration Wizard is on a different Organizational Unit (OU) than users contained in the Active Directory (AD). Additionally, this user account does not have read permissions in the Users container.

Workaround: Make sure that this user account has at least read permission in the Users container.


Granular backup and restore considerations

You rely on the backup and restore solution that you select to safeguard the data that is stored in your SharePoint farm. For you to trust the backup solution that you use, you need to fully understand the abilities and limits of the tool that you select. Metalogix is committed to giving you the information that you need to know about Metalogix SharePoint Backup.

Metalogix SharePoint Backup can back up both SharePoint farm components and granular SharePoint objects. Farm component backups and granular backups work differently, and have different advantages and limitations. Your needs and your SharePoint environment may call for you to use one of the backup methods and not the other. Most SharePoint 2010 farms use both methods, because they are complementary, rather than a direct replacement.


Reference No.

News feed loses the content after performing a granular restore operation on SharePoint 2013.


Folder permissions are restored when a list or library is restored with the Copy Folder Permissions option unchecked.


All major and minor versions are restored into a library that is configured to display only major versions


The 'Complete w/warnings' status is displayed for site collections and sub-sites when the Preserve Items Managed Metadata option is checked and a granular restore in performed.


Recommended solutions

The Quest Knowledge Base contains recommend solutions to known issues listed below, and can be accessed from the Community Portal at


Reference No.

What ports are used by Metalogix SharePoint Backup?


Metalogix SharePoint Backup Management Console constantly displays the "Loading ..." message when you attempt a backup or restore.


Users receive 'Access is Denied' or '403 Forbidden' error while sites are being backed up with Metalogix SharePoint Backup.


Warning during backup, "Unable to export the XML for web part."


Error when configuring WFE for Metalogix SharePoint Backup, "Unable to retrieve the configuration database connection string."


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