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KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1 Common Documents - Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 12.1 Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 12.1 Release Notes

This document provides information about the KACE Systems Management Appliance version 12.1.

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1

KACE Systems Management Appliance is designed to automate device management, application deployment, patching, asset management, and Service Desk ticket management. For more information about KACE Systems Management Appliance series, go to This release contains a number of new features, resolved issues, and security enhancements.

New features

New features

This release of the KACE Systems Management Appliance includes the following features.

Service Desk

Bulk Ticket Update Wizard: Do you need to update multiple tickets with the same data? With the new Bulk Ticket Update Wizard, you can update multiple fields across multiple tickets using an intuitive user interface.
Searchable Queue List: Starting in this release, use a searchable list of queues when you want to move a ticket to a different queue. This is useful if you have a long list of queues and need to find the correct one quickly.


Appliance Bell Notifications: Knowing everything going on at an appliance level can be overwhelming. With the introduction of our Appliance Bell Notification system administrators can track the health of the appliance easier than ever before and open the door to endless possibilities in future appliance releases.
Windows Defender Integration: Windows Defender integration allows administrators to quickly review the current state of Windows Defender through the Device Details inventory view. Additionally, administrators can perform Windows Defender actions such as initiating a scan, updating signatures, and enabling one-click Windows Defender.
Current Session Tracking: Part of securing your system is knowing who is accessing it and from where. This is now possible by downloading or importing the latest MaxMind Geolocation database file and importing it to your appliance, that instantly empowers you with this critical information through our Current Session Tracking.
Windows 11 Readiness Report: Are you tasked with preparing for a Windows 11 upgrade and are unsure whether your hardware is ready? By taking advantage of the new built-in Windows 11 Readiness Report, you can quickly identify how prepared you genuinely are.
Platform support updates: The appliance now supports macOS 12.3 and Windows 11 IoT Core Enterprise.



The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release.


Issue ID

Windows 11 readiness report is now built into the appliance.


The appliance now includes an API that reports HD_SERVICE records for process tickets.


Ability to turn KB suggestions on or off per queue is added in this release.


The Date Ticket Created field is added to the Device Details page.


Script name is clickable in Run Now Status to get back to script editing.


It is now possible to use Message-ID (as an alternate option) to thread email replies to a ticket.


Separate new ticket email notification is added for queue owners and submitters.


Errors appear in red text in the provisioning log to call out the errors for better visibility.


Option to turn off ability for child to close parent ticket is added.


Ticket template supports the Required field with Conditional Logic.


Ability to view active and recent sessions is added to the appliance.


Duplicate device detection is improved to add more flexibility.


Label can be created based on the Dell Update Package MODEL_NUMBER field.


Update status field is added to the Update Agent Settings page, to reflect the date when the new bundle is applied and the bundle version.


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