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Foglight for DB2 (Cartridge) 7.1.0 - Release Notes

System requirements

Before installing Foglight for DB2 LUW, ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements detailed in Foglight System Requirements and Platform Support Guide.

Customers running large deployments (that is, with more than 20 agents) should consult the Foglight for DB2 LUW Hardware Sizing Guide.

UNIX server and programs

The following UNIX programs must be accessible to the user logged on to the UNIX and Linux computers:

On all platforms: df, du, awk, iostat, vmstat, uptime, netstat, sed, ps, uname, ls -l

In addition, the following platform-specific programs must be available:

On the Linux platform: /proc/vmstat, /proc/net/dev, free, /proc/cpuinfo, getconf
On the Solaris platform: /usr/sbin/prtconf, mpstat, pagesize, psrinfo
On the AIX platform: lsattr, lsdev, pagesize, bindprocessor, lsdev, oslevel
On the HP-UX specific platform: bdf (instead of df), sar, /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log, /usr/sbin/ioscan, getconf, /swapinfo, InfoLog (needs to be enabled)

Required privileges

For information on the required privileges, refer to the Foglight for DB2 LUW Getting Started Guide.

Supported platforms

The operating system platforms and versions of DB2 that are supported for monitoring by Foglight for DB2 LUW are the following.

9.5, 9.7, 10.1, 10.5, 11.1, 11.5.

All operating systems supported by IBM.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports the monitoring of instances that are installed on Linux on System z. The supported monitored instance versions are the same as specified in the list above for the Linux platform.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring an environment configured to use HADR by creating agents to monitor each one of the nodes separately (applies for both primary nodes and secondary).

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports a physical partition. When monitoring a physical partition, ensure you create the agent using the agent installer on the coordinator host.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring a workgroup edition instance.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring an instance that is installed in an OS cluster environment.

To enable monitoring, follow the instructions on “Host connectivity settings” screen in the installation wizard:

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring a pureScale environment (except on Linux on IBM System z).

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