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Foglight for Container Management 7.1.0 - User Guide

Understanding Foglight for Container Management Using Foglight for Container Management Reference


The Alarms dashboard displays a list of alarms generated against the monitored Docker environment. Use this view to quickly identify any potential problems related to a specific Docker component.


Foglight for Container Management provide analytics feature for Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Heat Map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors. Showing collected metrics with elaborate heat maps allows you to understand complex data sets and the monitored cluster environment well.

Scatter Plot is used to display values in points using two variables for a set of data. The points is color-coded also, Color Metric can be used to display one additional variable.

Kubernetes analytics

In the Container dashboard, choose Kubernetes from the header. Then click Analytics from the header, a drop down view will display with Heatmap and Scatter on it. Click Heatmap will navigate to the Kubernetes Heatmap Analytics dashboard, while click Scatter will navigate to the Kubernetes Scatter Plot Analytics dashboard.

Heatmap analytics

Heat maps will be refreshed automatically when you change either of the following fields:

Topology Type: Indicates the monitored topology object, including Kubernetes Pod and Kubernetes Node.
Cluster: Lists all clusters available in the monitored Kubernetes environment.
Namespace: Lists all namespaces available in the monitored Kubernetes environment.
Selected Metric: Populates a rectangle based upon the selected metrics. For example, if you select Memory Usage from the Selected Metric drop-down list, the rectangle area will be populated based on the used memory for the selected topology object. For more information about metrics, refer to Kubernetes metrics .
Rendering related metrics: For example, if you select CPU Usage Rate and Red to Green, the rectangle of the topology object that has larger value of CPU Usage Rate will be rendered in red.
Color Metric: Renders the color of rectangle based upon the selected color metric.
Color Pattern: Offers two patterns, Red to Green (larger value shows in red) or Green to Red (larger value shows in green).

Figure 49 shows an example of heat map. Clicking the object name on the heat map directs you to the relevant object Explorer dashboard. For more information, see:

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