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Change Auditor for NetApp 7.2 - User Guide

FPolicy limitation

File changes to a NetApp filer initiated from the server hosting the agent responsible for capturing NetApp events will not be reported by the filer. This is a limitation of the NetApp filer’s FPolicy and not a limitation of Change Auditor.

Client components and features

The following table lists the client components and features that require a valid Change Auditor for NetApp license. The product will not prevent you from using these features; however, associated events will not be captured unless the proper license is applied.

NOTE: To hide unlicensed Change Auditor features from the Administration Tasks tab (including unavailable audit events throughout the client), use the Action | Hide Unlicensed Components menu command. Note this command is only available when the Administration Tasks tab is the active page.

Administration Tasks tab

Agent Configuration page

Audit Task list

NOTE: See NetApp Filer Auditing for information on enabling event logging, viewing/modifying the agent configuration settings, and creating templates to define NetApp auditing.

Event Details pane

What details



Searches page

Built-in reports


Getting Started


You can search, report and alert on changes to a specific file, folder, volume or all volumes on a NetApp filer and receive real-time alerts whenever someone tries to access a secure file or folder on a NetApp device.

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