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KACE Cloud Product Notification

Product Release

LATEST – December 2022

KACE Cloud


We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud.

December 2022

In our latest release, we are introducing the following features and several resolved issues.

  • Windows option sets. Option management allows administrators to configure device settings and to apply them to managed devices. These settings include system updates, location mode, screen message and timeout, time zone settings, proxy setup, wallpaper and more. Starting in this release, KACE Cloud supports option management on Windows devices.
  • Windows passcode rules. Passcode rules define a set of guidelines device users must follow when creating device passcodes, such as the passcode length, types of characters they can include, what happens after a failed unlock attempt, and many others. This release of KACE Cloud extends the support of passcode rules to Windows devices.

For more information, visit the KACE Cloud MDM Help Center, where you can also find the full set of Release Notes, which includes the most recent list of resolved issues.

Be sure to check out the KACE Cloud MDM Product Support page to find knowledge base articles, notifications, video tutorials, and a product user forum.