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syslog-ng Premium Edition Product Notification


After the release of Syslog-NG Premium Edition 7.0.28 on November 10th 2021, One Identity has been alerted to a situation which under a very specific configurations, a potential log loss may result.

A defect has been discovered in version 7.0.28 of Syslog-NG PE where "NOT" filter statements are improperly being evaluated by Syslog-NG PE.

For more detailed information along with filter examples that may result in log loss, please consult KB336308.

Due to changes in the program core between 6.X to 7.X a direct upgrade is not possible. Please review and follow the information provided in KB 302431 and follow the instructions provided to complete the upgrade.

This new release of Syslog NG Premium Edition 7.x requires a new license key. Please obtain the new key before installing the new release. To obtain a new key, please refer to the License Key Upgrade page: License Key Upgrade.