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Starling CertAccess Product Notification

Product Release

These release notes provide information about the October 7, 2021 Starling CertAccess release. One Identity Starling CertAccess documentation is available in both English and German.

The October 7, 2021 Enhancements, Features and Resolved issues are listed below. Refer to the release notes for details on new and previous release features, enhancements and resolved issues.

New Features

Starling CertAccess Web Portal:

  • Starling CertAccess provides an Operations Support Web Portal to help you run your
  • Starling CertAccess instance. Here you can, among other things:
  • Monitor process handling
  • Identify failed processes, deduce measures to take, rerun the processes
  • Display synchronization status and synchronization logs

The way this works is described in the One Identity Starling CertAccess Operation Support Web Portal User Guide.

  • Starling CertAccess administrators are notified daily about failed processes. You can disable email notifications in the Web Portal.


  • General: Improved logging of validating access tokens on the application server
  • Starling CertAccess Web Portal: 
    • Improved display of identities’ names
    • Improved display of reports with a history
    • When submitting requests, the valid until date is no longer checked against the current time. For example, errors are avoided if a long time has elapsed between creating and sending a shopping cart.
    • Memberships in dynamic Active Directory groups cannot be requested anymore.
    • After denying attestation of memberships in dynamic groups, the group membership is not automatically removed. An appropriate reason is entered in the attestation history

Resolved issues

Starling CertAccess Agent:

  • If an error occurs when provisioning memberships in Active Directory groups, the provisioning process is never completed.
  • After uninstalling the Starling CertAccess Agent, an incorrect message is displayed in the Uninstall Wizard.
  • Email notifications about granted request approvals name the wrong approver.
  • No more email notifications are sent about pending attestation requests.