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Starling Connect Product Notification

Product Release

Starling Connect Hosted Release Notes - 09 September 2021

These release notes provide information about the 09 Sep 2021 Starling Connect release. Please refer to the release notes for details on current and previous enhancements, new features and resolved issues. 

The following is a list of new features in this release of Starling Connect.

  • The WorkkdayHR connector bug fixes
  • The SuccessFactorsHR connector bug fixes
  • The Okta connector enhancements
  • General bug fixes

The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release of Starling Connect.

  • OktaThe connector is enhanced to support custom attributes for both users and groups endpoints.
  • Okta: The connector is enhanced to support the datetime offset values.
  • WorkdayHR: The WorkdayHR connector is enhanced to include the LineAddress data in Locations endpoint.
  • WorkdayHR:  The WorkdayHR connector is enhanced to include custom Integration ID in the response for Employees endpoint GET operation.
  • SuccessfactorsHR: The SuccessfactorsHR connector is enhanced to fetch the `lastModified` information synced based on the `lastModifiedOn` attribute of EmpJob and `lastModified` of User (whichever is latest) into meta.LastModified.
  • SuccessfactorsHR: The SuccessfactorsHR entity endpoints are enhanced to return the the last modified Date in UTC format.
  • SuccessfactorsHR: The SuccessfactorsHR connector is enhanced to handle a future dated event where the revision counter considers StartDate of the event along with current implementation date, which is LastModifiedOn & LastModified of EmpJob & User Obj.