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KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager Product Notification

Product Release

LATEST  – December 2020

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager


We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager.

What’s New

In our December release, we’re sharing our yearly feature and functionality recap as well as introducing four new features: The Enterprise App Catalog; mac Profile Generator; and Corporate-owned, Personally-enabled (COPE) device management for Android, and Activation Lock for macOS.


uFeature and Functionality Recap for 2020


Enterprise App Catalog

Our new enterprise app catalog for iOS and Android lets admins publish a set of pre-configured apps that end users can then download through the KACE Cloud Connect app. The catalog feature allows an admin to provision required apps via policy, then allow self-service installation of optional pre-configured apps for end users. Learn more

mac Profile Generator

The mac Profile Generator is a macOS native app that generates macOS MDM profiles. These profiles can then be uploaded to KACE Cloud MDM and applied to enrolled macOS devices.

The app lets device admins build profiles specifically for mac that can restrict which applications can run, automatically grant access to macOS privacy sections, and automatically approve kernel and system extensions. Generating profiles using the mac Profile Generator eliminates the need for end users to manage individual security and privacy settings, which can be tricky and time consuming. Learn more

Corporate-owned, Personally-enabled (COPE)

Corporate-owned, personally-enabled device management lets an admin provision Android devices with company-approved permissions and restrictions, but also allows personally-enabled options for the end user. Similar to the bring-your-own-device model, COPE offers more company control when it comes to applications, integration and security, but supports the end user’s need for one-device convenience when performing non-enterprise functions.

The enrollment process is the same as other supervised employee-managed devices. In KACE Cloud MDM, COPE can be enabled by checking 'Provision devices as company-owned, employee-enabled (COPE)’ in the edit view. Learn more

Activation Lock for macOS

Features to help manage against activation lock—i.e., an inaccessible device once it is returned by an employee, are now available for macOS. For full details on managing activation lock for macOS and iOS devices, see Activation Lock in documentation. Learn more





For more information, please visit the KACE Cloud MDM Help Center , where you can also find the full set of Release Notes , which includes a recent list of bug fixes.


Be sure to check out the KACE Cloud MDM Product Support page to find knowledge base articles, notifications, video tutorials, and a product user forum.