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Change Auditor Product Notification


The following product notification applies to Change Auditor 7.0.4, released February 4, 2020.

The issue only applies to companies who are using a multi-forest deployment where coordinators are deployed to multiple Active Directory forests all sharing a central Change Auditor database.

How does this affect me?

Attempting to connect the Change Auditor win32 client may fail with an error “There is no such object on the server.” in the coordinator log.


A newly introduced feature which allows a Change Auditor Administrator to specify which coordinators should process purge, archive, and scheduled report job exposed this issue. 


When prompted with the error, click the X at the top right corner to close the exception dialogue. In some instances you may need to click the X several times to continue. The error will also be persistent during use of the client in some areas. This workaround is intended for basic use of client only (running searches for example) until a hotfix is released. 

Alternatively, the Change Auditor web client and PowerShell interfaces are not impacted by this issue. These interfaces may be used until a hotfix is released.


A hotfix for Change Auditor 7.0.4 will be made available shortly which resolves this issue.

Please review the following knowledge article, Change Auditor win32 client cannot connect to coordinators which belong to a multi-forest installation in 7.0.4 GA for further details on this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused and we are working quickly correct it.