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KACE Systems Management Appliance Product Notification

Critical Alerts

VMware ESX/ESXi requirements in 10.x

KACE SMA is a virtual appliance that runs on a virtual machine that is part of a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. Starting in this release, the appliance includes an upgraded version of its core FreeBSD Operating System 12.0, patch 10. While some earlier versions of ESX/ESXi, such as 6.5, are still in active support, VMware officially supports FreeBSD 12.0 only in ESX/ESXi 6.7. For that reason, Quest Software strongly recommends you to upgrade your VMware ESX/ESXi environment to a version that supports FreeBSD 12.x immediately. We also encourage you to upgrade the appliance to version 10.0, and continue taking advantage of the appliance's patching solution after February 1st, 2020, along with any other features and improvements.

If you choose to run the KACE SMA 10.x on ESX/ESXi 6.5, this is at your own risk. If any investigation by Technical Support concludes that an issue is a potential result of the appliance being run on ESX/ESXi 6.5, our team may request from you to upgrade to a supported version of ESX/ESXi, in order to continue with troubleshooting.

For more information visit Knowledge Base Article 313646 - KACE SMA 10.x VMware 6.7 Requirement Explained