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JClass DesktopViews Product Notification

Discontinued Support
Discontinued Support

JClass Desktop Views and ServerViews

Thank you for your continued support of Quest solutions. We want to take a moment and provide you with an important update regarding your Quest JClass Desktop Views and ServerViews products.

Quest Software has signed a definitive OEM agreement with Scout Solutions under which Scout Solutions will provide all technical support, product development, billing and operations for JClass effective 8:00am PDT on September 11, 2019.

Scout Solutions will provide all levels of support on behalf of Quest Software until the expiration of your current maintenance and support term. Quest Software will no longer field support requests from Support Portal or by phone and won’t be renewing maintenance and support contracts. Scout Solutions will be renewing maintenance and support for the new Scout Solutions JClass product moving forward.

What this means to you:

In order to keep your business operating uninterrupted, you can continue using Quest JClass under your existing Quest Software maintenance and support agreement.

  • At any time during your maintenance and support term, you can click here to request a free upgrade from your Quest JClass product to the new Scout Solutions JClass product. Scout Solutions is planning many exciting enhancements to JClass in the near future and will continue to support and update the product.
  • For all future JClass technical support needs or maintenance renewal inquiries, you must contact Scout Solutions directly at 651-964-3000 or email

Your Quest sales representative is available to discuss any specific questions you have regarding the retirement of Quest JClass. If you need assistance in locating your sales representative, please visit the Quest Contact Us page.