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KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager Product Notification

Product Release

LATEST - August 2019

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

We are excited to announce our most recent update to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager.

What's New

In our August release, we’ve added Android Zero-Touch Enrollment for company-owned devices as a feature in KACE® Cloud Mobile Device Manager. 

 Zero-touch enrollment lets administrators configure and deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk, without any need for individual device setup. When an end user turns on the device, configuration instructions are deployed and the device is enrolled without additional steps required by the end user. After enrollment, KACE Cloud MDM uses policies to automatically provision the device with apps and configurations.

Zero-touch enrollment is available on devices that are purchased through an authorized reseller. Organizations may have devices outside of the authorized reseller scope, which can also be enrolled using KACE Cloud. Learn more about how to enroll all device types in KACE Cloud MDM

 Feature Details:

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Administrators will find the Zero-Touch Enrollment and Zero-Touch Profiles sections in KACE Cloud under Settings > Android Settings.

An organization can get started by linking their Android Zero-Touch Enrollment portal with KACE Cloud MDM using an authorized Google Account. Once authorized, all device admins can use KACE Cloud MDM to create and view profiles and assign devices to those profiles.

Learn more about Zero-Touch Enrollment

Learn more about Zero-Touch Policies

Read the full set of release notes

Be sure to check out the KACE Cloud MDM Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, documentation, notifications, video tutorials, and a product user forum.