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We want to provide you with an important update regarding Wyse vWorkspace software-Support & Maintenance contracts.


On February 12, 2018, Dell announced an end of support for Wyse vWorkspace software effective January 31, 2019. Dell has chosen to continue to provide support and maintenance for Wyse vWorkspace to those customers with existing Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreements that extend beyond January 31, 2019. Such support and maintenance will be provided for the remaining duration of your Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreement, or until such time as you cease using the Wyse vWorkspace software, whichever occurs first. Please be advised that we are not extending any existing Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreements or making any renewals or new maintenance agreements at this time.


In an effort to transition our customers to an alternative solution prior to the expiration of your Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreement, we will offer a migration path to VMware Horizon 7 software.


What this means for you:


  • Dell will continue to support Wyse vWorkspace after January 31, 2019 for the remaining duration of your Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreement, or until such time as you cease using the Wyse vWorkspace software, whichever occurs first.

  • Dell will not be renewing or extending existing Wyse vWorkspace Maintenance Agreements.

  • Dell recommends that prior to your Maintenance Agreement expiration, you should update to a currently supported version of Wyse vWorkspace if you intend to continue using Wyse vWorkspace beyond your expiration date.  The Product Life Cycle is listed under the Policies & PLC Tab on the Product Support Site - https://support.quest.com/vworkspace/lifecycle.

  • The Product Support Site - https://support.quest.com/vworkspace will continue to contain downloads, hotfixes, manuals, and knowledge base articles. We will continue to provide connector updates and hotfix updates to resolve critical bugs. No new features will be added.


In order to minimize the impact to your business, we are pleased to offer a transition program to the industry-leading VMware Horizon 7 software. Dell has negotiated the following terms for vWorkspace customers:

  • Wyse vWorkspace customers are eligible for a discounted purchase of the VMware Horizon 7 license packs. The license packs come in 10 or 100 user packs.

  • Depending on your VDI environment, the mapping and product selection to VMware Horizon 7 product options will vary. There are three Horizon 7 product options – Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. VMware has a Horizon 7 Edition Selector Tool - http://www.vmware.com/eucproductselector.html that will help you choose the right transition product for your environment.


Note: Acceptance of a transition offer will terminate all maintenance and support obligations for the Wyse vWorkspace software (if any).


Please contact your account manager for information on how to participate in the transition program.   You can also reply to the Wyse vWorkspace mailbox Dell_vWorkspace@Dell.com  if you are interested in the discounted Horizon 7 Purchase Offer. If you don’t want to accept the VMware offer, you can also consult with your account manager on alternative offers.

Dell is committed to helping our Wyse vWorkspace customers through this transition as smoothly as possible.  




Steven Bowyer

Product Manager, Lifecycle Management