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Spotlight on Oracle Product Notification

Product Release

Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.1

New Spotlight on Oracle Release 10.3.1

We are excited to announce that Spotlight on Oracle 10.3.1 is now ready for download

What's new in v10.3.1:  

  • Windows 10 Is a supported platform the the installation of Spotlight on Oracle and Spotlight Diagnostic Server and montoring.
  • In-Memory Diagnostics
  • Spotlight now provides diagnostic information for In-Memory databases in Oracle and Oracle RAC. What is the cost to the database of enabling In-Memory? Has the right amount of memory been allocated to the In-Memory column store? To what extent is I/O being consumed by In-Memory activities? Drilldown further by segments, SQL, statistics and sessions.

Additional information can be located in 7.3 Release Notes Technical Documentation on the Support Portal. Click here.

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What is new in Spotlight on Oracle v10.3.1

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