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KACE Systems Management Appliance Product Notification

Product Release

Quest KACE Support Notification

Limited Support for Embedded Operating Systems

Thank you for your continued support of Quest solutions. We are pleased to announce the introduction of Embedded Operating System (OS) support upon general availability of Quest KACE K1000 v6.4.

Supported Versions

Embedded Operating System support will include the following embedded OS version:

Windows POSReady 2009

Supported Functionality

�         Unlike the full feature functionality provided for desktop computers and servers, embedded support will be limited to: Discovery, Inventory & Patching (only). Other specific features such as: Software Distribution and Software Metering remain *unsupported.

�         Write Filter management is the responsibility of the K1000 administrator.

�         Higher level functionality such as: Asset Management, Service Desk, Reporting and Notification will work the same as it does for computers.

Supported Features

�         Discovery for Windows POSReady 2009 is performed using the standard Discovery process.

�         Inventory for Windows POSReady 2009 devices is performed using the standard agent or agentless processes. It will appear in inventory as XP SP3.

�         Patching requires an installed agent on the Windows POSReady 2009 device

           -       Windows POSReady 2009 patches are provided through the existing Windows XP SP3 operating system subscription.

           -       Detection and Deployment work the same as on any XP SP3 system. 

           -       All patches are available to Windows POSReady 2009 devices through the standard feed.

Limited Support

Windows POSReady 2009 will be supported on a limited basis. These OSs are designed to give device manufacturers the flexibility to modify them, making it impossible to anticipate and test every device/OS combination.

Under Limited Support, a best effort attempt will be made by support to resolve issues, but there is no guarantee issues related to limited support features and OS will be resolved. 

*Attempts to use K1000 for unsupported features or unsupported embedded versions are undertaken at the user’s own discretion. Support will not be available for unsupported OSs, features and functionality.


Information regarding Windows POSReady 2009

�         MSDN Windows POSReady 2009 Product Page

�         Microsoft Windows POSReady 2009 FAQ

Additional product information such as top solutions, tips and tricks, tutorials, notifications, product life cycles and community forums can be found at the Product Support page.

Definitions for full, limited and no support can be found on the KACE Software Product Support Lifecycle Policy page.

For sales or other inquiries, please visit the Contact Us page on our website. 

Support teams are committed to providing you with world class support and handling your ongoing product and service needs.

Thank You,
Quest KACE