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AppAssure Product Notification

Critical Alerts


Quest has identified a potential issue with AppAssure version which can temporarily prevent access to some recovery points on cores which experience certain load or failure conditions. In extreme cases, this issue can cause the loss of some recovery points. All customers using release are advised to upgrade immediately to or later version.

We deem this issue as critical; therefore we are taking steps immediately, and over the next several weeks to ensure customer satisfaction and data integrity.

AppAssure version is the only affected version.

The prior release,, is not impacted. All subsequent 5.4 releases, starting with, are also not affected.

Details: In, a change was made to the rollup logic which hardens it against extreme failure modes, such as power loss or catastrophic storage controller failure. This change inadvertently introduced the possibility that recovery points can be orphaned; if a particular agent has any recovery points that either a) are missing one or more volumes, or b) failed an Exchange mount check or SQL attachability check. Cores that are already operating normally, with no incomplete recovery points or failed recovery point checks, are not affected.

It is likely that the orphan recovery points can be repaired with the assistance of Technical Support. However, in some cases the orphans cannot be recovered. Therefore, all customers are urged to upgrade to immediately. Customers unable to upgrade immediately should disable rollup until such time as upgrading is possible. Note: upgrading from to version requires an update to the Core software only; updating the agent version is not required. Many patches are being recreated for this new update, and will be made available upon request by contacting Technical Support.


In several weeks we will release a new build of AppAssure 5.4.2, with a focus on a collection of other important but less critical 5.4.2 Known Issues. More information will be provided as we approach this release.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments, please contact support. If you have a technical issue, please log a Service Request.