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How to recreate NBXtract files? (57155)

NBXtract output files need to be re-processed/re-created on the HP3000 due to an outage on the SQL server. The ELOG files are still on the HP3000. Outage on the SQL server. Here are the steps to re-create the NBXtract output files. ...

Product(s): NBXtract
Last Updated On: 2/20/2017
(0 Ratings) 2605 views
I upgraded my system and now NBSpool / Netbase / Bridgeware is in DEMO mode. (628)

The HP3000 was upgraded recently and NBSpool / Netbase / Bridgeware switched to an 8 day demo. The 8 days is about to expire - what do I need to do? A new processor board was added to the HP3000. When you changed ...

Product(s): BridgeWare, NBSpool, NBXtract, Netbase
Last Updated On: 10/1/2010
(0 Ratings) 4185 views
Can the QUEUE group of the Netbase Account be moved off of the System Volume Set? (62573)

Can the QUEUE group of the Netbase account be moved off of the System volume set? Accumulation of Export Queue files (EQ#####QUEUE.NETBASE files) on the master system decrease the amount of free space on the ...

Product(s): BridgeWare, NBXtract, Netbase
Last Updated On: 4/20/2010
(0 Ratings) 3381 views
Autoinst Status shows shell needs reinstallation (37085)

When the customer does an AUTOINST STATUS command the shell says it is enabled but that it needs to be reinstalled. This is caused by the date and time stamps being set to future dates on the files XL.PUB.SYS and SL.PUB.SYS. ...

Product(s): NBXtract, BridgeWare, Netbase, Netbase Client
Last Updated On: 2/11/2010
(0 Ratings) 4103 views
Netbase and MPE 7.5 PowerPatch 5 (55739)

Are there any known issues with Netbase and 7.5 PowerPatch 5? At this time there are no known issues for Netbase when installing PowerPatch 5 for the 7.5 Operating System. Nothing in the description of the PowerPatch would indicate that any problems should exist.

Product(s): Netbase, BridgeWare, NBXtract
Last Updated On: 2/11/2010
(0 Ratings) 3340 views
Netbase internal error 86. (58045)

Netbase internal error 86 reported in Netbase stdlist and on main console. Error with NBDELBASE routine. Netbase 10.0 is installed but not enabled. Run AUTOINST.PUB.NETBASE and verify that the NETBASE 10.0 shell is installed and enabled. ...

Product(s): Netbase, NBXtract, BridgeWare
Last Updated On: 2/11/2010
(0 Ratings) 3003 views
System downgrade - new license file needed (55225)

The customer is downgrading their CPU's to smaller systems. Our licensing works by validating the HPCPUNAME on each system so the validation check will fail if they change the HPCPUNAME. Have the customer provide ...

Product(s): BridgeWare, OM Viewer, Netbase, NBSpool, Netbase Client, NBXtract
Last Updated On: 6/23/2009
(0 Ratings) 4562 views
NBINST.PUB.NETBASE aborting because OCTUTIL.MPEXL.TELESUP program missing (35045)

The program NBIBST.PUB.NETBASE aborts if the program OCTUTIL.MPEXL. TELESUP is missing from the system. The error is caused when the program OCTUTIL.MPEXL.TELESUP is missing from the system. RUN NBINST ...

Product(s): BridgeWare, NBXtract, Netbase
Last Updated On: 9/25/2007
(0 Ratings) 3063 views