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Toad for Oracle 13.1.1 - Editions Installation Guide

Install Toad as read-only

A Read-only version of Toad prevents the user from making any changes to the database, regardless of his or her Oracle privileges. Toad provides a read-only installer in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You must have the appropriate license for a read-only version of Toad.

Note: Toad is installed per machine, and will be available to all users on that machine.

To install Toad for Oracle Read-Only

  1. Obtain the license key and site message text for your installation.
  2. Go to
  3. Search for Toad for Oracle.
  4. Under Read Only, download the appropriate Toad Edition installer.
  5. To install other products that are bundled with your Toad Edition:

    1. Under Web, download the appropriate Toad Edition installer.
    2. Run the Edition installer to install all of the desired products except Toad for Oracle.

      For help, see the Toad 2018 R2.1 Editions Installation Guide at

  6. Run the Toad for Oracle Read-only installer.
  7. Review the license terms, select I accept these terms, then click Next.
  8. If your license key is not shown, click Add to enter your license key and site message, then click Next.
  9. Select Toad for Oracle processor-type Read Only. (This is the only option in that installer.)
  10. Click Install.
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