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NetVault Backup Plug-in for SnapVault Manager 10.0.1 - Release Notes

Quest® NetVault® Backup Plug-in for SnapVault Manager 10.0.1

About this release

Quest NetVault Backup (NetVault Backup) Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager (Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager) provides a graphical interface that is integrated with the NetVault Backup WebUI to provide a single point of enterprise-wide control and improve the management of NetApp SnapVault solution. This feature lets you back up changed data from multiple storage platforms to a common Snapshot target on NetApp appliances, enabling faster tape less restores.

Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager 10.0.1 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality.

New features

Resolved issues

Corrected an issue in which the plug-in failed to close the connection to primaries through port 10000 after you closed the Backup window.

18924 (SMG-97)

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